„Welcome to 1972. This is the kind of music I’ve been waiting for a band to do again. The band is Wired Mind, hailing from Hanover, Germany. Pure, heavy prog, krautrock-style. […] If you listen to this with a spirit of adventure, you will discover a whole new musical world to explore.[…]masterpiece of progressive spaced-out krautrock.“

Doomed & Stoned


„Die vier Kompositionen sind kein Einheitsbrei, sondern hier wird Abwechslung pur geboten. […] Es ist wie bei einem Film mit überzeugendem Drehbuch, man sollte es sich als Ganzes reinziehen. Ich bin wirklich beeindruckt von dem, was da an meine Lauscher dringt!“ 


„Long beautiful jams, psychedelic soundscapes and blissful heavy rhythms describe the aura that is Wired Mind. The band from Hannover, Germany hits on all cylinders for their debut album mindstate:dreamscape. It’s hard to believe this is their first album, they have such great chemistry and feed off each others style effortlessly, creating a formula that will appeal to fans of stoner and psychedelic rock.“


„With 4 songs including 2 tracks above the 10 minutes mark, they crafted mind blowing heavy psychedelic jams. Sometimes as sweet as a candy, and sometimes as meaty as a big fat doublecheese, massively trickling due to the heavy fuzz and awesome hazy solos! It’s time to get into mindstate and fly through the dreamscape…“


„Even if you feel there’s more than enough psychedelic stoner rock to go around, don’t pass over this album.“


„That ‚cool but crazy‘ spirit is at play for most of the performance, really.  While the group always has the songs well in hand, sneaky time changes and all, there’s a heartening sense that no matter how many days they’ve been going at it in the rehearsal and recording process, every day they’re still trying out some fresh approach to the music. […] Great start, great album.“


„There’s a point, about seven minutes into this four track album, that your mind may very well just leave your body and render you completely fucked up by the pure out there-ness of what is happening. And that is without drugs.“

Echoes & Dust


„Sólo 4 temas, 4 diversos espacios y tiempos, principalmente abocados a revitalizar los gérmenes de aquel movimiento nacido en Alemania a fines del los 60, que en su génesis fusionaba el rock progresivo, el experimental, el free jazz y otras corrientes de vanguardia, todas estas presentes en esta gema cósmica llamada Wired Mind.“

La Habitacion 235


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