Alright. First of all: Thank you! Thank you Hildesheim/Thav for rocking with us it was a great show! It was a really successfull night with great music and great people. With this last show we also close a chapter. We not only finished our tour – it’s also saying farewell […]

Thank you!

Hey there! Unfortunately we had to cancel the show at Mohawk in Manheim. But we’ve got enough luck to replace that show (Feb 26)  in Heidelberg. Come at nine ‚o clock to the Beatfabrik Heidelberg and fly with us and the incredible Love Machine! For more info please write to: […]


Hello friends! 2016 seems to become a very good one. There’s quite a lot happening behind the scenes – you’ll get the full story here soon. Till then have look at our updated live-section here. Maybe we’ll see us on the road!?! Cheers! – Mikey –

New live shows added!

You people are awesome! You listened to our album 50.000 times on youtube – thats incredible! THANK YOU! To celebrate that we uploaded a live-version of Road. Have fun and stay tuned! Love you!


Cheers folks, finally the Limited Edition Colour Vinyl of „mindstate:dreamscape“ is up for pre-order. This edition is split into 200 green, 200 orange and 100 yellow pieces of wax. The Yellow comes hand numbered with a band logo patch and is exclusively available at Hevisike.com Official release date is November […]

Pre-order for „mindstate:dreamscape“ Limited Edition Colour Vinyl

Here are two new vids of our gigs @Hinterhof Arpke  (filmed by Rogsta CanonGuy) and at Obernair Festival 2015 where we played a Sungrazer tribute …you might know that song 😉 Check them out here!

New videos

Am Samstag, 18.07.,  sind wir beim Obernair Festival in Bad Fallingbostel-Mengebostel zu Gast. Wir werden die Bühne um 20:30 Uhr entern. Eintritt & Camping ist für lau – also rumkommen & Spaß haben! So kommt Ihr da hin: https://obernair.wordpress.com/anreise/      

Obernair Festival am 18.07